Patterson Ice Center Adult Ice Hockey League Rules


The game

  1. Three 20 minute run-time periods.
  2. Stop clock at 2 goal difference in the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period.
  3. Minor penalties - 3 minutes, and will start at the drop of the puck. 3+ penalties - game done.
  4. Major penalties – see below under suspensions.


Responsibilities of the Team and Player

  1. All players must be registered with USA Hockey before playing any game.
  2. Complaints regarding officials or USA Hockey associations must be taken to USA Hockey.
  3. Complaints or concerns regarding Patterson Ice Center or its staff must be brought to the manager on duty by the captain only, but only after 24 hours have passed.
  4. Alcohol: If a player is suspected to be intoxicated, they will be asked to leave the game. If the player fails to cooperate with the officials/ice center staff, they will be suspended for one year from date of incident. 5. A player can only play on one team per league.
  5. Each team can register a maximum of 25 players. Changes and additions allowed until roster freeze date. After that time, all changes must be made through director for the official Play Off roster.
  6. Players may be required to show a valid photo ID before each and/or any game. Be prepared.
  7. Each player must play a minimum amount of games to be eligible for Play Offs.
  8. Each Player must have a face mask or a half shield. All other equipment is as USA Hockey requires.
  9. All players must check in before their games at the designated table.
  10. Teams must have same color jerseys and players a consistent jersey number.


The Ice Rink

  1. Players must stay off the ice until the zamboni is off the ice!
  2. Pucks may not be used until the zamboni is off the ice and zamboni door is CLOSED.
  3. Please notify staff before your game if your locker room is dirty or if there is previous damage. - 100$ charge for any damage to locker rooms or destruction evident.


The playing rules:
** Interpretations of all rules will be determined first by the referees, and second by league director.

  1. All games are USA Hockey sanctioned and will be played under USA Hockey rules. Patterson Ice  Center reserves the right to strengthen any rules for protection of staff or players.
  2. 4 players and goalie or less will result in team forfeiture at the end of the 5 minute mark in the 1st period. The remaining time will be available to the opposing team.
  3. The official staff can remove any player for any reason from the ice and building at any time.
  4. Blue Line Icing' - Icing will be called from inside your blue line only.
  5. Checking is not permitted and will be treated as a minor for bodychecking.
  6. All league levels are slapshot
  7. Tied games will remain as such during regular season. Play Offs - 5 min sudden death, then shootout.
  8. All teams shall have a captain. The Captain is the only player to ask the referee for rule interpretation.
  9. Any league with age or player ability restrictions will be given those said stipulations at the beginning.



  1. Players must serve their suspensions. A team allowing a suspended player to play will forfeit that game.
  2. Game Misconduct (GMC) suspensions are as follows:
    1. 1 GMC = 1 game suspension
    2. 3 total GMCs = player done for a season 16 games and under
    3. 5 total GMCs = player done for a season 16 games and over
    • total GMC’s are the combination of any progressive major and/or fighting and/or other GMC suspensions
  3. Major penalties:
    1. all majors will include a game misconduct.
    2. progressive majors - (as listed in USA Hockey – new as of 2014/2015 season – rule 411):
    3. 1st /2nd offense – 1 GMC each
    4. 3rd offense – 3 GMC’s/done for season due to 5 total (if just progressive majors)
    5. fighting - (as listed in USA Hockey – new as of 2014/2015 season – rule 615):
      1. 1st offense – 1 GMC
      2. 2nd offense – 3 GMC’s
      3. 3rd offense – done for season due to 5 total (if just fighting)/suspended until hearing with USA Hockey Board